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I had a fun of my life in the Melbourne Crown Casino, Las Vegas of southern hemisphere.

On the entrance, I decided that i can lose 5$ at most (budget travelling, you understand). Instead, i finished with +3$. This is what an actuary would call high adrenaline.

Inside, there are some leaflets available, which explain the rules of the poker machines - the pokies. It ends with the phrase: "In the end, the MACHINES WILL WIN". Neo, help us.

Tomorrow off to Adelaide.

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Making this blog more lively...

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I updated some previous posts with photos. Enjoy.

Overall, i spent 3hrs in an Internet Cafe. Do i miss my desk-and-computer life?!?!?!?

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In brief: Tasmania

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A place "under Down Under" as Tasmianians call their island has a (larger) bit of everything. I could perfectly imagine spending 3-4 weeks only in Tasmania. 1-1.5 weeks in the mountains (e.g on the Overland Track), then a few days in the Tamar Valley with lot of wineries, and finally a slow-paced tour around the both eastern and western coasts.

The island is of size of Bavaria, with only 500k population. The unpopulated space is occupied by mountains, forests, lakes, wombats, possums, etc. Therefore, the key words in Tasmania are "wilderness", "wild" and any derivation of these. Since i still did not sort my photos, this Wilderness Gallery may be of some interest for you.

Driving in Tasmania is a pleasure itself. Beautiful scenery, narrow, twisty, one-lane roads (still called highways). No-one but you. On the road you pass more dead animals :( than cars, which leads to a statistical conclusion that animal-hit count per driver is higher than 1. As statistics always lie, i didn't hit any.

Some other things the Tasmanians are proud of are wine, good mediterranean-like food (as one of the shopkeepers assured me they are on the latitude equivalent to Genoa) and Huon pine, which grows only in Tasmania and is a main material for any kind of souvenirs. Oh, and i almost forgot tasmanian devil, which is a nice little creature that you could easily adopt as a puppy, until the moment when it sees some raw meet and starts to fight for that with other devils. You wouldn't like to hear these growls at night.

More here...

BTW, how do they call the mainland Australia? "The North Island" :)

DSC_3801.jpg DSC_3803.jpg DSC_3965.jpg DSC_3973.jpg DSC_3812.jpg DSC_4080.jpg DSC_3861.jpg DSC_3819.jpg DSC_3893.jpg DSC_4127.jpg DSC_3958.jpg

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Contribution to Australian monetary science

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What's interesting about Australian banknotes is that they are made of plastic foil. Reportedly, it is not posible to tear them apart.

With greatest pleasure i announce that joined Polish/Dutch/New Zealand team, on one winter evening, performed a successful experiment, which proved the statement above to be wrong. The key to the success is to use your teeth.

The cost of this scientific experiment amounted to 20 AUD and was carried in full by a New Zealander who strongly believed that the outcome will be opposite ;)

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Technical issues ;)

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Forgot to tell you that my private mobile number (German) does not work here. Please use my Polish one (+48 887 ...). If you want to contact me and do not have this number drop me an email.

Altogether, the telecoms made me sick in the last weeks.

First, on a day of my departure from Cologne, when I still have tons of things to do (online) - for example staring this blog, my internet provider Arcor / Vodafone cuts me off. For whatever reason. Then they say that they will connect me again in 4 hrs. Than that in 6hrs. And than they fail to do it till the end of the day. So why to lie on the phone that in 4 hrs it would be ready??? Well, my friends from DE, my good recommendation - forget this provider.

Second: I come to Oz, turn on my mobile... empty. The o2 has no roaming with any Au operator. True, i could have checked it before departure. But it just did not come to my mind that they not have agreement with Ausralia. Instead they offer coverage in Uzbekistan, Egypt and, of course, Mallorca.

Are they not right or is it just me?

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Back in the Rally business

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Did i say this holiday will be different?
I asked some questions in Tourist Center in Devonport about the bus connections or tours and the answer to them was : "There is not much choice now. You know, they do not do much service in WINTER." !!!!
Coming to Tasmania, I knew that they September is like "our March" and that their climate is colder than on the mainland. But i'd really appreciate if they called this season "early spring".

And so, since own four wheels is the only option, then off we go.

No, wait. Stop. Get to the LEFT side of the road. Now, off you go.


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Oh, this holiday intends to be much different from my previous one... The luxury ferry to Tasmania is an absolute opposition to my experience with ferry through the Caspian Sea. Clean, comfortable and with a cinema! I had a laugh that DVDs that they played for us started with a warning "This DVD is for private use only" ;)


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When was the last time...

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...that you strolled though the city center in flipflops at 2 am at night, trying to find a shop selling beer?

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Friends on the other side of the globe

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Before you depart check up your old friends. You know, say hello after two (or more) years, collect addresses for sending postcards, etc... and might be you'll learn that some of them already moved to your travel destination. For example, to Melbourne!! Thanks to Ewa and Grzesiek i had two wonderful days in Melbourne.
Absolutely unique was an Australian bbq party merged with old Polish custom of drowning Marzanna (for those not familiar with it, a Wikipedia explanation). The attempt to mix the old and new traditions was successful, everyone had such a great time that even the Winter (impersonated by Marzanna) didn't want to leave us and drown (bitch!).

DSC_3696.jpg DSC_3704.jpg DSC_3721.jpg DSC_3727.jpg DSC_3736.jpg DSC_3738.jpg

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About Australia

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Last quote from Bryson, as i'm going to swap this book for a new one.
"... I encountered a startling fact that in 1967 the Prime Minister, Harold Holt, was strolling along a beach in Victoria when he plunged into the surf and vanished. No trace of the poor man was ever seen again. This seemed astounding to me - that Australia could just lose a Prime Minister - I mean, come on!"

This part above would not be a terribly funny joke itself, but about a hundred pages later, Bryson gets back to the same topic, talking to a shopkeeper at the place close to the beach, where Holt drowned.

"But as I was leaving he called to me with an afterthought.
'They built a memorial to him in Melbourne' he said. 'Know what it was?'
I indicated that i had no idea.
He greened very slightly. 'A municipal swimming pool'
His grin broadened, but the nod was sincere."


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