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Another qoute, this time from Air Asia's board magazine:
"In Melbourne, it's an insult if you're invited for a coffee at Starbucks"

Today i hat a "child-in-candy-shop" syndrome. There's so much of it here, everything sweet and everything colourful. No idea which candy to pick.

I was walking hungry some like three hours, before i finally decided for nice Japanese place. I had a constant impression that behind the corner i'll find even more tempting diner.

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Why to Oz?

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I am not much of a writer myself. Just a coincidence, few hours before departure i found a book on Australia by Bill Bryson, titled "Down Under". And it occurred to me, the chance to make this blog bit richer in content is to quote (with proper referencing, of course!) some nicer passages from this book.

So take this for a start:
"These are people who get to live in a safe and fair-minded society, in a climate that makes you strong and handsome, in one of the world's great cities - and they get to come to work on a boat from a children's story book, across a sublime plane of water, and each morning glance up from their <<Heralds>> and <<Telegraphs>> to see that famous Opera House and inspiring bridge and the laughing face of Luna Park. No wonder they look so damned happy."
B. Bryson "Down Under"

I start from Mel, not Sydney, but you got my point....

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Flight to down under

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And i owe big thanks to Tomasz, who gave me link to Air Asia. First - cheap. Second, true that the level of comfort is correlated with price, but even with not that wide sits and not much space, you still are able to get off the plane after 12hrs, you straight your legs and you do not feel like broken in two parts. Should i miss Star Alliance lounges?

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Here we start

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...and after several inquiries from my friends, if there would be a blog about my holiday, i thought i'd give it a try. I don't promise that any new posts appear before i"ll be back ;)

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